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RealDefense develops and markets security, privacy and optimization software/services for consumers and small businesses.

RealDefense operates leading global brands

MyCleanPC offers Microsoft Windows optimization software which improves computer performance, optimizes diskspace and protects against privacy invasive adware.
MyCleanID offers a comprehensive software and cloud based Identity Protection service. MyCleanID protects Personally Identifiable information on the device and on the web.
USTechSupport is a US-based remote technical support service offering 24/7/365 English speaking computer technicians for virtually any technology problem.
MyCleanMac offers optimization for Apple Mac devices. Similarly to how MyCleanPC functions. MyCleanMac offers privacy and speed optimization features that will improve performance of compatible Macs.
MyPassLock allows you to store your important passwords in a secure "vault" away from prying eyes and hackers.
MyHackedEmail lets you check your email address for known hacks. Quickly check to see if your email address has been compromised and take appropriate action.
GetMyDrivers offers quick diagnostic of a Windows computer for most common out of date software drivers. With premium subscription users can get unlimited updates for 1 year.
WarrantyStar offers comprehensive warranty protection for laptop and desktop devices.
CyberDefender offers reviews of privacy and security products and services.
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